What is Spellementary?

Spellementary is a revolutionary word finding software supporting people, with a "different way of thinking", to find the words they are really looking for.

If you have ever struggled to find the spelling of a word then Spellementary is for you.



The Problem

Spelling words is not always the easiest of tasks, especially when considering the general complexity of the English language e.g. silent letters, homophones. Conventional programs, such as dictionaries or spellcheckers, require the person to spell a word correctly, or at least get most of the letters correct, and in some form of order.

For a person with a learning difficulty, specific learning difficulty or someone who is trying to look up an unfamiliar word that may have a complex spelling, this can be both a difficult and daunting task. For some it can take ample amounts of time to find the correct spelling and even then not be entirely sure whether they have the correct word. For others it is an impossibility and instead a different word, or set of words, may be used which do not mean the same thing.

This process of finding the spelling to a word can be time consuming and make a person lose their train of thought.


The Solution

Quite simple... Spellementary!

For more information on this click here to see how it works