Age Appropriate Dictionaries

Spellementary offers a range of different age appropriate dictionaries depending on the end user’s needs.

Primary Icon Primary

The Primary dictionary is built upon the data used for the Oxford Primary Dictionary©. It  is most suitable for 7-11 year olds (Key Stage 2), providing over 30,000 words and phrases, along with definitions. Designed with the younger user in mind, the word list is rich in content and definitions are clearly defined, providing a great resource to assist children’s literacy development.

* Does not currently include thesaurus functionality

Secondary Icon Secondary

The Secondary dictionary is built upon the data used for the Oxford School Dictionary©. It is geared towards 11-16 year olds (Key Stages 3 & 4), providing over 45,000 words and phrases, along with definitions. This richer dictionary is an invaluable companion to teenagers throughout their schooling, supporting them in their educational development.

Tertiary Icon Tertiary

The Tertiary dictionary (also known as the English dictionary within the application) is built upon the data used in the infamous Oxford Dictionary of English©. It is aimed at those entering adulthood through to academic scholars. With over 300,000 words and phrases, along with definitions, this dictionary is a companion for lifelong learning and language development.

Regions & Dialects

Currently, the English dictionary has settings that allows a range of different regional words and spellings to be displayed according to user preference. In addition to those listed below, there are also words associated to the South East Asian and West Indian regions.

  • Great Britain Flag UK
  • USA Flag US
  • Canadian Flag Canadian
  • Australian Australian
  • New Zealand Flag New Zealand
  • Flag of South Africa South African

Specialist Dictionaries

Spellementary also offers dictionaries for 2 specialism; Law & Medicine. These are a great addition to the application, especially for those studying, practicing or have a general interest in either profession.

Legal IconLegal

The Legal dictionary contains over 4,000 UK English spelling entries with clear definitions on major terms, concepts and processes. It is an ideal companion for those studying or practicing law.

Medical IconMedical

There are 2 separate medical dictionaries with UK English spellings:
– A Medical dictionary, containing over 12,000 entries with definitions
– An A-Z of Medicinal Drug Names, containing over 4,000 entries with definitions.
The Medical dictionary set is the must have reference for medical students and practitioners.


The thesaurus is another useful component of the application. For many entries it provides synonyms, and in some cases examples, to the word that is searched. Having a Thesaurus does not just offer a set of alternative words to an individual but can can also be a valuable aid by helping reinforce and stabilising the understanding of the original word. This provides confidence and growth to the user as well as a reassurance that they can use language correctly.
One example of this is if an individual is unsure about the meaning of the original word, being presented with the thesaurus helps to reinforce the meaning of that word, as well as learn alternatives within the correct context. From user feedback, this has proven to be valuable and in particular to those learning English and as a second language.


The Thesaurus helps the individual to get a better grip of a word as well as sometimes providing a better option than what was first used.


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