Spellementary is a key software application that has been recommended for students in receipt of DSA’s since 2011 and has supported thousands of individuals with their educational needs. With its unique word finding functionality, and strategic approach to spelling, it is a number one choice for many assessors and students up and down the country. Its Assistive Technology integration feature provides students with greater confidence in both using and spelling Legal & Medical terminologies throughout the suite of applications they receive. Consistencies between “Word Lookup” and “Definition”, through the functionality of Spellementary, across to the “Spell-Checking” utility within the various software applications and “Dictation” capability from its data-sets, makes the software a certain choice as a one-stop utility.

Initially designed for users with SpLD’s, the software has reached a wider demographic than initially visualised. A key example is its use for people with hearing impairments or speech impediments. With over 90,000 real human audio pronunciations, the software has been used to help those with auditory difficulties to practice pronunciation of words that they find difficult.

Its unique functionality has also been useful for those that present with a range of disabilities that impact cognition as a consequence of their difficulty, either through stress (such as Mental Health) or fatigue (such as Diabetes or Fibromyalgia). The application for Spellementary is both varied and wide.

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