Product Range

Spellementary is available as 10 different products depending on dictionary and functionality requirements.

Tertiary – Standard
Lexicon Spellcheck
Assistive Technology
Legal Advanced
Legal Professional
Medical Advanced
Medical Professional

Core Features

Common Functionality

the powerful word finding utility
additional word filtering
real human audio pronunciations
dictionary definitions
a custom dictionary for adding personal entries
an online feature that can also pull dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedic results from the internet
favourites list
conventional dictionary mode
a rich set of setting adjustments and customisations

Dictionary Specifications

A full breakdown of the Dictionary Specifications can be found on the Dictionaries page.

Additional Features

Specialisms: Legal & Medical

Legal Icon
Medical Icon

Advanced Editions

The Spellementary product range is split up by its Dictionaries and Editions. The Legal & Medical “Advanced” editions integrate their respective lexicons with the spellchecking facilities of the Microsoft Office® suite. This means that every entry present in the Legal or Medical dictionary will be added to the spellcheck function of the Microsoft Office® applications. With over 4,000 Legal entries and 16,000 Medical, this removes a lot of uncertainty from your working process and saves time when checking documents, spreadsheets presentations & e-mails as these words will no longer have the annoying red underline, creating self-doubt . This provides greater certainty to the individual and reduces unnecessary distraction.

Icons for Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Professional Editions

The Legal & Medical “Professional” edition of Spellementary builds on the functionality of the Advanced Edition. Each goes a step further by integrating the respective lexicons with the spellchecking facilities of other programs often associated as being Assistive Technology. These programs include:

MindJet MindManager®


Matchware MindView®


TextHelp Read & Write® *

Sonocent Audio Notetaker®

Notetalker Edit®

* There are some limitations and performance issues in using the Spellementary Lexicon integration with TextHelp Read & Write. Contact Us to find out more.

In addition, the Professional Editions integrate their respective lexicons with Nuance Dragon Individual®. By generating specialist “Vocabulary” files, Dragon® users will be able to create voice profiles more suited to their dictation needs, meaning greater accuracy and less time adding words and phrases manually.

Elite Edition

The final Spellementary offering is the “Elite” edition. This combines the “Legal” and “Medical” Professional versions into a single product. Ideal for individuals studying or practising both professions (or there being some cross-over in their chosen practice) and for academic institutions with both a Legal and Medical faculty delivering Under Graduate or Post Graduate programmes.


Find out about the Technical Specification